SPA Massager 24K Gold MFIP+ RF+EMS+SONIC+LED Therapy Beauty Device

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1. SPA radio frequency: Skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, facial lifting 
2. LED red blue yellow light therapy: Photorejuvenation, eliminate acne achieve smooth skin
3. RF: 42°subcutanous temperature stimulate collagen regeneration, achieve elastic skin
4. EMS: Microcurrent muscle massager, lift and firm skin
5. 3MHz ultrasonic vibration massage, promote body circulation, accelerate metabolism, promote collagen regeneration
6. Moisturizing and nutrition(include oily skin care product) conduct-in

Here is the rate  of change after using the beauty device.  pls take one mins to review,thanks a lot in advance.

You can see the test result after 7days and 28days.
Test Parameter                                                         Rate of change
  • Skin Hydration                                                              After 7days  5.95%         After 28days 5.51%
  • Skin Elasticity                                                                After 7days  7.44%         After 28days 9.92%   
  • Wrinkles Volume(Crow's Feet Wrinkles)                 After 7days  -12.83%         After 28days -17.7%
  • Wrinkles Area(Crow's Feet Wrinkles)                      After 7days  -7.73%         After 28days -11.37%
  • Wrinkles Volume(Nasolabial Wrinkles)                   After 7days  -2.01%         After 28days -2.01%
  • Wrinkles Area(Nasolabial Wrinkles)                        After 7days  -2.21%         After 28days -2.71%
  • Skin Color                                                                     After 7days  5.58%         After 28days 5.2%
  • Skin Gloss                                                                     After 7days  15.5%         After 28days 17.83%
  • Number of Skin Pores                                                After 7days  -0.56%         After 28days -0.56%
  • Pores Area%                                                               After 7days  -0.14%         After 28days -2.26%
  • Clinical Evaluation-Crow's Feet Wrinkles              After 7days  0.00%         After 28days-2.44%
  • Clinical Evaluation-Skin Elasticity                          After 7days  0.00%         After 28days 9.68%
  • Clinical Evaluation-Skin Gloss                                After 7days  0.00%         After 28days 8.06%

2.Here is the SGS report for your reference, you can see the test result after using the device 7DAYS  and 28DAYS,thanks.

Minimized Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Increases Skin Elasticity
Shrinks Pores
Reduces Redness
Delivers gentle massaging
Skin cleansing and skincare
Pores shrinkage
Fines lines smooth
Nutrition import

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