5 IN 1 RF CV EMS Ultrasound Face and Body Slimming

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  • TECHNOLOGIES: Radio frequency technology works to heat deep tissue layers, boosting collagen production and improving skin elasticity. Also, this device uses ultrasonic cavitation technology of this device uses high-frequency sound waves to target and reduce fat cells
  • RED & BLUE LIGHT THERAPY: The addition of red and blue light therapy further enhances the treatment, promoting circulation, stimulating cell renewal, and improving skin texture
  • FOUR MODES: This skin tightening machine comes with four different modes – skin firming mode, which uses red & blue light and RF technology to reduce fine lines. The shaping mode uses ultrasonic vibration to give you firmer skin. The radio frequency mode tightens your skin and enhances dermal thickness. And the ultrasonic mode enhances blood flow and cell metabolism
  • OTHER FEATURES: It comes with a functional on/off button, intensity indicator, and mode selection indicator to make it easier to use
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This radio frequency device is lightweight and portable to carry wherever you need it
  • WHERE CAN USE: You can use this red light therapy device on your waist, stomach, arms, buttocks, and thighs
  • BATTERY OPERATED: This device is operated by a long-lasting and rechargeable battery
  • MATERIAL: This device is made with durable plastic material
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: The complete package includes a face and body device, a USB cable, and a user manual
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Clean it with a dry cloth


Fat reduction
Body remodeling
Cellulite reduction
Weight loss
Increased toning
Restoring normal skin elasticity
Contrast of water retention
Promotion of cellular metabolism
Improving the brightness of the skin
Improved blood and oxygen circulation
Improvement of cellular trophism
Acceleration of toxin drainage
Special tips:

This device provides two levels of RF function and two levels of Ultrasonic function, allowing users to adjust to their own preferences. The physical device does not heat up, it's the RF wave when comes into contact with the skin via conductive gel, thus increasing the temperature in the sub dermal layer of the skin, stimulating collagen and skin tightening effects. This radiates the feeling of warm sensation on our skin. (The warm sensation varies between different people, some may find it strong or weak).

Suitable treatment areas: Front of arm, belly, upper leg, lower leg, thighs, waist and hips.
SAFE TO USE: This is a non-surgical and non-invasive RF cavitation machine, clinically proven 100% safe, non-toxic, and dermatologist recommended
LIGHTWEIGHT: This is a lightweight and easy-to-use portable device that you can operate at home and outdoors
SET INCLUDES: 3D RF ultrasound face and body slimming device, adaptor, USB cable, and a user manual with a warranty
DIMENSIONS: 5.50 inches (Length) x 4.50 inches (Width) x 4 inches (Height)

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